I need only 2 things.

1) email
2) storage

I have no intentions of hosting a website. All I’d do is put a single HTML file that said, “hello world” if you forced the idea of hosting onto me. I am looking to forward all my current Gmail e-mails to a new host and use that host for personal backups. I presume, SFTP or FTP to upload and download when needed. Mostly family photos and alike. Nothing will be shared or downloaded regularly. Arguably, I normally store things locally, but from time to time, I’d like to upload things into the cloud on the go.

I have sent out a total of 12 e-mails in a single year. Like most folks, I receive a lot more than I’ll ever send. But again, I want more than just an e-mail account. I am using about 16GB of storage at the moment.


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