I’ve bought a few services from OVH over the years, and have recently started playing with SYS.

Then, on 5/12 I ordered another dedicated server from SYS, and paid upfront for a whole year. Payment went through Mastercard’s secure 3D / multi-factor authentication directly with my bank, so no chance of credit card fraud.

OVH/SYS took payment but did not process the order. 4 days later I got a very bizarre email:

At OVHcloud, the our customers’ security is top priority, so we’d like to confirm some of the information you have provided during your recent purchase.
Before validating your order n°XXXXXX, please provide the following documents in response to this email within seven days:

The rest of the email goes on to ask for lots of sensitive personal information, identity documentation, etc. I’m not sure what’s going on here. If security really was “top priority”, why would they need to collect and store this information about their customers? This is a very dangerous act by OVH/SYS, clearly they have no interest in preserving customer security or privacy. Are they secretly selling our data? Are they giving it to government agencies? Is OVH/SYS some kind of communist/bolshevik organisation? Can any OVH/SYS employees confirm (anonymously of course!)?

So obviously I replied to them telling them I would not comply (they can shove their service up their ass!), but they haven’t replied. It’s been 8 days now. Still waiting.

I used to recommend OVH/SYS to others. Not anymore. I do not recommend SYS/OVH at all. The little bit of money you’ll save is not worth having your identity stolen by a criminal communist/bolshevik cartel.


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