Now that we have brought together the evolution of the WordPress Toolkit and its features of the year, let’s dive into the features which stood out the most. Without further delay, here are the winners for the Plesk WordPress Toolkit Feature Awards 2021:

1. Site Vulnerability Info – winner in “Game Changer” category

Without a doubt, addressing vulnerabilities is one of the most important things to keep in mind when managing your site. To make the web a safer place for all, the WordPress Toolkit introduced the Site Vulnerability Info together with an automated vulnerability scan for your convenience.

Once a vulnerability is detected, the WordPress Toolkit marks the site in the interface, notifying site admins to take action. In short, the Site Vulnerability feature provides site admins with the right tool to quickly assess their situation by taking the appropriate measures, on time. To assess the performance going forward, this feature will be rolled out gradually on the Plesk WordPress Toolkit.

2. Per-Site WordPress Toolkit Action Log – winner in “Best Self-Service” category

What better way to improve Self-Service than by offering users the option to save essential actions. The new Per-Site Action Log allows users to save essential actions, easily accessible through the log Browser, all while adding a new interface on top.
Besides assisting site admins to troubleshoot their sites, the Action Log will ultimately reduce the number of support tickets received.

3. Individual Plugin & Theme Auto Updates – winner in “Most Requested By Users” category

A highly requested feature, the Individual Plugin & Theme Auto Updates make it possible to configure automatic updates with ease via the WordPress Toolkit interface. Hugely optimizing the user experience, this new feature makes for a world of change.

Furthermore, auto-update settings for plugins and themes will be automatically picked up by WordPress itself, thus providing a flawless experience for site admins.

4. Plugin Blocklist – winner in “Hosting Must-Have” category

A must-have for all users is a guarantee of high plugin quality. The Plugin Blocklist feature secures this going forward, as Plugin slugs are distinguishable in their appropriate comma-separated lists. Not only is it possible to automatically scan for plugins, users are also promptly notified by email when plugins become deactivated along the way.

5. WordPress in Plesk Dynamic List – winner in “Best Control Panel Synergy” category

As for the category of Best Control Panel Synergy, the WordPress in Plesk Dynamic List stands out to improve the synergy of the panel altogether. With the new tab on Dynamic List site cards featuring numerous shortcuts, it becomes more inviting for Plesk users to switch between Lists.


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