Hey guys,

Does anyone know if OVH is alright? Have never had this problem before but during the last week I can’t understand if I even report anything as their abuse console (www_ovh_com/abuse/#!/) doesn’t send a confirmation email when it’s supposed to.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is their abuse reporting now supposed to function without confirmation emails?

Would be grateful for any useful info.


One thought on “OVH abuse report console doesn’t send a confirmation email”
  1. Сегодня я просматривал разные сайты более 2 часов, но не нашел ни одной интересной статьи,
    подобной вашей. На мой взгляд если
    все веб-владельцы и блоггеры будут делать хороший контент, как и вы,
    интернет будет намного полезнее,
    чем когда-либо прежде.

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