Hey guys i want to start a wordpress site similar to ViralNova.com and Buzzfeed.com. Basically a clickbait heavy traffic machine monetizing via Sponsored content from RevContent & Taboola. As well as Google Adsense.

I will be aggregating lots of clickbait type articles from around the web and posting lots of pictures and sharing them on social media sites.

My main goal is to generate a TON of traffic and monetize via sponsored content under each article in addition to native advertising and push marketing. I will also host a newsletter to collect subscribers.

I don’t expect much traffic at first but I do want the option to scale in the future in case stories do eventually go viral and/or i get a surge of traffic upticks from places like Facebook.

I have some hosts in mind:

Cloud Options:
Digital Ocean

I’m not too technical but I can hold my own if I have to but I want upgrading PHP/Mysql to be the last on my mind so I don’t know if those cloud hosts I mentioned are my best bet if that’s the case.

I’m not sure if they have 1-click wordpress install and updates, if that’s the case I’ll be okay with them.

Any suggestions?

My Budget is small at first – $10-20/mo as this is just a test to see if I can get any traffic with my strategies and ideas I have. I will gladly spend more if the wheel start turning, hence I would like the option to move the site to a more powerful server if I see traffic spikes and I need more resources to carry the site.


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